Sunday, May 26, 2013

GOP Proven Wrong (Again) About Obama-Care

Healthcare Reform (so-called "Obama-care") is Working
Article from Reuters and here in part:  Obama care was designed to extend health insurance to many of the 49 million Americans without it and alter how healthcare is administered so as to curb the inexorable increase in healthcare spending.

Republicans in office all across the spectrum oppose the law continue to argued that the new provisions will result in high premiums, making Obama care likely to fail because the uninsured will not be able to afford coverage even with federal subsidies. 

Yet, states like California, Washington, and Vermont have finally revealed what pricing structures will look like, indicating that premiums under Obama care will be even more affordable than previously expected.

Consumer advocates approve of the new health care exchanges. 

“It’s a revolutionary improvement to move from a broken market where people are charged by how sick they are, to a competitive market where people pay what they can afford, based on a percentage of their income, on a sliding scale,” says Anthony Wright, executive director of advocacy group Health Access in a report to Reuters, he added, “Most consumers buying coverage in the individual market will get financial help and see their premiums go down.”

Then this from AlterNet:  "How's Obamacare Turning Out? Great If You Live in a Blue State, and 'Screw You' If You Have a Republican Governor..."

Kinda of scary, isn't it? Not the reporting but how to figure out what is true and what is not; who to trust and who is quite frankly, full of it? Trust your member of Congress; not likely if they are Republican since we know practically ever Republican in office hates the ACA (Obama-care) and are dismissing it, trying to repeal it, and certainly by bashing it at every opportunity. So, who you gonna trust?

I say, trust your own judgment and research on the numbers and you location. As for me, I think it is working, will work better as time passes, and what fixes are needed, need to be fixed and all the darn politics need to stop. In short, make it work because this is long, long overdue. At least from my research.

Stay tuned just in case.

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