Saturday, April 27, 2013

Like a Double Martini Mr. Congressman After Takeoff

This story was posted at It comes from the Halls of Congress, and it shows that they can get things done especially when it suits the members themselves from being impacted by their own lack of leadership on budget matters.

My take on this is quite simple: It's the joke of the month winner, hands down. Speaker Boehner says "The House Acted to Fix FAA Furloughs Because Obama Wouldn’t..."  In a statement titled "House Acts to Fix President Obama’s Flight Delays," Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) blamed the need for congressional action to end air traffic control furloughs on the president …

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Check these programs still in jeopardy due to lack of Congressional, not presidential leadership posted at here:
Mr. Boehner has zero shame and apparently a very poor memory, or selective memory as show here:

1.  He seems to have completely forgotten that House Republicans like Rep. Paul Ryan had been championing the sequester since 2004.

2.  He has apparently wiped from his memory the fact that President Obama has had a sequester replacement on the table since December 2012.

3.  He even incorrectly claimed that the American people wouldn’t feel any pain from the sequester cuts, and even though he referred to the situation as the president’s sequester cuts, during a March 21 interview on CNN, Mr. Boehner admitted that he didn’t want the sequester cuts.

Then add this as your double olive in your martini, Mr. Member of Congress:

All it took was a few days of flight delays to undo part of the sequester. 

It exemplifies the way Congress has responded to the $1.2 trillion across-the-board-spending cuts: randomly, and almost entirely for reasons of publicity rather than policy.

After the Washington Post (Wonkblog) reported that cancer clinics were turning away Medicare patients because of sequester cuts, Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) introduced legislation to reverse those cuts, however, even though that bill has 50 co-sponsors, it has not gotten a vote. 

Cuts affecting public defenders, the unemployed, homeless, food for low-income seniors and mothers, Superfund cleanup, foreclosure prevention, and of course government employees at large also have received scarce attention from Congress to date. 

The GOP is despicable. Their name should be changed to: G.O.B. not GOP = "Gang Of Blamers"

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