Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chinese Theorist on Terror: "Kill one, frighten 10,000"

 The "New" Face of Reality in America???

The "New" Face of Reality About America???

The bombing in Boston at the finish line of the Marathon certainly got our attention again about how vulnerable we are to bombings like this - not matter the source (which is still being discovered).

Welcome to the 21st Century it seems. The era of worldwide terrorism, the ways to fight or protect against it, and how to react when protection fails and attacks happen.

In a word, there basically is no way to protect totally against these attacks from a person or persons determined to kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time with a weapon of mass destruction, and that is not limited to an nuclear or chemical or biological device, either, as we now see in Boston. Early reports say the device contained nails and ball bearings. The damage is horrific no matter the device composition. That's the point.

My quick list of things I thought about regarding this attack, whether domestic or foreign (yet to be determined):

Basic Bomb Facts: The key to these mass bombings like 9/11, or now like in Boston is careful and detailed planning and and preparation, and perhaps even "dry runs" around the target area.

The planning also includes:

1. What type of weapon or device will be used - the composition. Will it be crude or sophisticated.
2. What is the structure and contents of the device.
3. Will the device itself be large, small (easy to transport or carry) by one person, say in a backpack, or will a truck be needed, or even a plane.
4.  What will be the detonator. Will it be a simple fuse, a cell phone activated time, a regular clock-type timer, a remote or command controlled person to "throw the switch").
5.  The cost to fund the operation and the source of that funding for personnel, materials, transportation, phony documents, etc.

All of these things are critical.

Updates will follow from  here.

The latest from Boston is here - the highlights:

"Investigators believe the bombs at the Boston Marathon were shrapnel-studded pressure cookers, hidden in backpacks and set off by timers, law enforcement officials told NBC News on Tuesday. The disclosure came as authorities pleaded with spectators from the race to send photos and video that may shed light on who set off the blasts, killing three people and injuring at least 176."

Added late update from the AP here.

More later - please stop by - FYI.


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