Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pick, Choose, Ignore: Enemies, Allies, Others

Syrian Rebels Seek U.S. Help

North Korea "Leader" Plans Attack on South Korea and U.S.

What is wrong with this picture. One who follows North Korea and has for decades I would like to point out for those who may not follow North Korea closely, but notice how their "Dear Leader or Supreme Leader," or whatever leader label they have handy, will always pose for these types of pictures pretty much the same way. We see a bunch of old Korean War era Vets (Generals over the hill as it were), with trusty notebooks and pen in hand, taking notes and getting advice from the aforementioned "Leader." It's phony, all staged, and is typical of the famous hardcore, hardliner, old style cold-war Soviet photo ops. It's just like they number their tanks with 3-digit numbers like 301 to show and scare their enemy that 300 tanks are ahead or will follow. It's a propaganda technique just like their outrageous parades with a lot of outdated equipment to the trained eye. 

But, they are still dangerous nevertheless, and North Korea has the record to prove it and now this latest reported from NBC News ... So, does North Korea  have a death wish, I wonder? Attacking the South or us would be guaranteed suicide for them. But, they need and seek more attention just like the neighborhood bully anyway they can.  

Now to Syria and it's truck load of problems trying to oust Assad. The latest is also from NBC news as reported by Reuters, here in part:

A Syrian opposition leader said Tuesday that he had asked the United States to defend rebel-held areas with Patriot missiles. NATO already has Patriot surface-to-air missile batteries in NATO-member Turkey to help defend the country from potential air strikes by President Bashar Assad's regime. 

Syrian opposition leader Mouaz al-Khatib -- who appeared Tuesday as the representative of Syria at an Arab League summit meeting following the Assad regime's suspension -- said that he had asked Secretary of State John Kerry "to extend the umbrella of the Patriot missiles to cover the Syrian north and he promised to study the subject," Reuters reported

I would say that the U.S. needs to keep a distance and let the events in that country play out ... then we can "pick and choose," but not now. We have our hands full elsewhere and not getting involved is the right thing to do ... I say, let others in the neighborhood help... it's their backyard more than ours. Tragic events, for sure; but we need to keep our hands off for now.

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