Friday, February 1, 2013

Iran: War at Top of the GOP Wish List

Iran: Right in the Middle of Two U.S. Wars ... Look at the Size

One view with very good points: - from MIT's Center for International Studies, in part:

"Of the many oddities of the Republican challengers presented to President Obama in 2012, and the most serious, was their collective vow to go to war with Iran. That line is still a common staple of GOP rhetoric, even now after that campaign has ended. In all fairness, only Ron Paul disparaged the impulse to attack Iran while Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich all in one way or another vowed military action against the Ayatollahs.

"Ironically, the GOP war hoot comes at a peculiar moment in our history over the nearly one dozen years: We just finished Operation Iraqi Freedom, our fake attempt to punish an authoritarian regime for allegedly building WMD's, which they did not have nor could have built. The results of that war are painful: There were no weapons found, yet a half million or more Iraqi deaths lay behind us, over five million have been displaced, and a price to the U.S. of $3 trillion, thousands KIA, tens of thousands WIA, and hundreds of thousands suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and permanent scars. 

"That grisly outcome, so devastating for Iraq and costly to America, tells us something about what a war with Iran would look like. It is much a more relevant comparison than the failed war in Afghanistan, though the results there, too, should sober us as that cost also rises while we prepare to leave in 2014." (editing is mine to put the article in perspective). 

This rundown is a stark reminder seen in this short 5-minute segment.

War in Iran would last for a generation - the shear size of the country ... both Iraq and Afghanistan could fit inside Iran. Plus they have allies all around the ME ... just itching for a full blown fight against the West. We must not give them that chance.

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