Sunday, September 2, 2012

One-Man/One-Vote: Ha ... Not GOP Plan

Cannot Be Proven Otherwise

This a major update of the following sites and links related to the most-important issue of this or any election: The Right to Vote...

Update: This AP headline (September 2, 2012): "Late court decisions may impact 2012 election" got my attention. The serious just became critical.

My question relates to these two parts of the story.

#1: Republicans say they have pursued voter ID laws to prevent fraud (which I note nearly everyone says is not an issue). Democrats call it a political ploy to suppress voters who may not have the proper identification, particularly affecting groups that typically vote Democrat.

#2: Many cases have a partisan bent, with rulings potentially tipping the scales slightly in favor of Democrats or Republicans.

Let me be clear as possible: Nothing is more important to our survival as a free nation and free people, that we proclaim to be, than protecting our guaranteed constitutional right to vote.

Nothing trumps that. To do so, would trump America. That must never happen.

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