Saturday, March 3, 2012

GOP-RW-TEA Voter Fraud Red Herring (Again)

Screen grab from (3-minute clip here)

This story is an update from my early post (see below) on the same subject. Part from there follows here:

The GOP sees no way to win next year, so win anyway possible by stopping the vote, reducing the vote, suppressing the vote, and winning at any cost other than by fair and open elections as seen in this excellent 12-minute video from the ED Show on

There are key parts to this so-called "stop voter fraud" movement by the far right: (1) strict new voter ID laws that we now know millions of voters who have had no problems in the past, will now face this cycle, (2) fake movements to head off voter fraud where it does not even exist (see charts at my post: "Fair Voting: We Don't Need Any Stinking Fair Voting") posted below.

This latest as shown above is blatant and sick and phony for many reasons, those underlined are the main points like " stop corruption where it can start..." CAN START? Give me a break - this is voter suppression, raw and bold and right in our faces and everyone knows why.

Stopping any eligible American from voting is a criminal act. These fake "stop voter fraud before it happens" movements must be stopped - they are not needed. There is nothing more fundamental than the right to vote and the free exercise to vote. Just ask those countries and people that we say we are trying to help become free and get that right ... or are we hypocrites here at home? The question might answer itself.

Do the research and find out for yourself. I will continue to update provide links and references.

Stay tuned.

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