Friday, February 17, 2012

GOP: for birth control before being against it

This chart grabbed from (the Rachel Maddow Show)

Rachel Maddow has this 14-minute video (seen here) that is stark and vivid in its representation of the outrageous GOP hypocrisy regarding the hot debate on women's health care needs and more specifically their birth control options.

In essence, the GOP was for birth control and the mandate before they are not against it.

It is well worth watching and following this debate. One wonders how GOP men would react if a panel like Rep. Issa's panel were formed by women to discuss men's health care, their prostates, and whether or not to allow their insurance to cover a vasectomy...

The GOP's new favorite past time: scapegoating. They are on the wrong side of this issue and definitely on the wrong side of history.

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