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GOP Fake Issue: Voter Fraud

Senior Citizen Voting. Dorothy Cooper: Denied her Right to Vote. Age 96, and voted since the 1930's

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Jobs and the economy will dominate the 2012 election, but there is no defining issue as critical or as important than being able to vote. The right to vote speaks directly to the rights of every eligible citizen to choose the kind of government they want; the kind of future they seek; and, the world they strive to see.

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Subject: The current movement by the political Right at any cost to counter and cancel all successes made by the Left since the days of FDR

Fact: Since the GOP gained control in 2010 after the midterm elections, the most visible efforts of the TEA-backed GOP have been focused on women’s rights, Union and workers’ rights, and now against voters’ rights.

Why is that?

On Voting: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who worked for a woman’s right to vote, famously asked once time why it is that men were so resistant to the franchise to women in the public realm with the right to vote. She went on to answer her own question as she argued it was because men did not want to give up power in their home or at work. There was something about the intimacy of control in the private realm — the home and workplace — that always has been central to conservatism. In short: work to keep a woman in “her place at home, and out of the work place and under the thumb of her man.”

After the 2010 elections, the first thing the Right did was to go after labor rights, and not just in Wisconsin that got massive national attention, but in some 35 other states, including big ones like Ohio and Florida and Michigan and Minnesota. All of these states have one common thread, one goal that mirrors the Wisconsin approach: take away the rights of Union workers to collective bargain, and thus weaken them.

Reproductive rights: The Left as a whole segregates that issue as if it were separate (and it is), but it is absolutely critical and central to the conservative project because it is, again, man’s control over women.

Go back as far as the French revolution and Louis de Bonald, who was one of the great theoreticians of the counter-revolution. He was obsessed with the liberalization of divorce because he saw a connection between the emancipation in the family and of women, and thus the entire revolutionary project.

Fake Voter Fraud: Today, we see a state-by-state movement against eligible voters and their right to vote that is spreading all across the land under the GOP fake name of “Voter fraud.” A solution that they believe is in search of a problem that does not exist.

For example, that during the period 2002-2008, some 300 million votes were cast across the country. Out of that number, there were only 86 documented cases of prosecution of any kind of voter fraud. That amounts to only 0.000003% (I think) – image the time and effort and money spent to stop that GOP boogieman?

The case of Dorothy Cooper: She is 96 years old. She was born in Georgia, moved to and has lived in Chattanooga, Tennessee for decades. She has voted in very election since the late 1930’s, missing only the 1960 vote because she was in between moves and had not changed her voting registration card.

Under a new Tennessee law, she and all voters are now required to have a photo ID. She does not, but she tried to get one.

She was unable to produce a valid marriage license that showed where she had changed from her maiden name (Alexander) to Cooper. She was denied a voter ID card. Thus for the first time in her life she can’t vote because she does not qualify for the new voter ID card. She apparently could not prove who she was even with a ton of documents. Imagine that.

Her story is making the headlines, as it should to show the nastiness of the GOP on this issue. What affects her in TN also influences some 500,000 other eligible voters who may not be able to vote next year. Think about that.

Now multiply that number in TN by several hundred thousand across all states and what do we see. We see that the poor, the elderly like Mrs. Cooper, lots of college students, some Vets, like in the case of Colorado where the SOS would not authorize soldiers’ ballots be mailed to Iraq and Afghanistan because they had not voted in the last election. Imagine that: missing a voting date due to being in war and a firefight or two.

The key to this issue is that most, if not all of those voters, vote Democratic. So what, some ask. Well, if anything, it ties directly into the GOP overall plan to win in 2012, take control of government at all levels, and then pass laws that cancel the progress of the entire 20th Century. In short, go back to the future.

Oh, it cannot be that sinister some say. It couldn’t? Let’s ask Karl Rove and others like him with their multi-million dollar war chests the same question, shall we? Prepare yourself; however, you won’t like their answer.

Links and sources for the data used in this post came from (updated):

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