Friday, September 23, 2011

The Job Creators: Cutting Jobs to Create More Wealth

Koch Industries (Wealth vs. Jobs Cut) and Exxon Mobil (Wealth v. Jobs Cut)

I can't speak for everyone, but for me, I am sick and tired of the GOP using the phrase "Job Creators" all over the air waves and in print about hurting them if their taxes are raised, or even if they are asked to pay their fair share (cite: GE, who paid no Federal taxes last year).

Their rates may be at 35 percent, but most of them pay nothing near that rate once their army of lawyers get done with the adjustments. That is a fact as reflected here and in this GAO report.

Yet, the GOP continues that same old drum beat, or worse, about how low-income Americans who earn $25,000 or less a year are the blame by being part of the "nearly half of population who pay no taxes" as if they are some sort of dead beat part of society and need to pay more, or lose more (some have tried that, too - remember?).

Plus, the effort by the Koch brothers (and many others, too), for example, who play the money game in fueling the ultra rightwing by helping their "cause to regain total control of government," and of course alone the way help their bottom line. That is get more GOPers elected to high office and they will in return bless us with favors and not raise our taxes so we can get wealthier and slice a few more jobs. /s/ the Koch brothers and others.

Their profits are at all-time highs; their employee numbers have fallen (as shown above); and, they sustain their lobbying efforts to get more and bigger breaks, and nicer loopholes, and all under the threat of "job losses" if they do not get their way. I'd have to say that pretty much amounts to blackmail by any legal definition - but, those who benefit the most call it "business as usual," or that's how the "game is played."

I say it's time to rename the game and stop the legal blackmail and put America back on track to the future where we all claim we need to go. A whole lot of hypocrites are weighing us down. I won't mention any names to save face, but their brand of TEA is G. O. Pee.

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