Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wall Street Thrives With New Record Profits

Go to this GOP web page and you will see this document.

The way the GOP intends to provide assistance to help the "Job Creators" create jobs (again).

While Wall Street giants report record profits (again), layoffs continue at a record pace as well (the other direction) — they are up some 60 percent. Why? Not hard to figure out when one looks at the basics:

1. Corporations are thriving due to "doing more with less," and the jobs lost will not come back.

2. Corporations are thriving by doing more and more off-shore movement of jobs for lower wages which result in higher profits (but not at home).

Wall Street reacts the exact opposite of what high profits should show because of the sustained low number of jobs. Why? When jobs are down, income is down, people invest less, stocks drop, and Wall Street reacts as they have for over a solid week now: it drops overall.

For other slides on this topic visit the Rachel Maddow show [on here] - Maddow again presents a very comprehensive analysis of this subject.

How does the GOP intend to help the Jobs Creators? As usual; with more tax breaks and benefits for them to "create" jobs. However, how can they be trusted again?

Remember the promises for the two big Bush tax cuts: Jobs. There were a few million in 8 years. We must wonder where these new promised jobs will be, too: off-shore or here at home? Simple choice, isn't it?

As for me, I'm sick and tired of the same old stale weak GOP argument about taking care of the top -- the "job creators" -- and they will take us of the rest of us. How can that be with the constant assault on Unions and public employees? Something is missing here. What could it be? Well, let's start with a lack of common sense.

Then let's insist that they put away the shovels and stop dumping the crap squarely on the public. I say either deliver the jobs here at home, or lose all the tax breaks. Show some loyalty to the country for a change.

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