Tuesday, July 26, 2011

GOP Aim: Government of, by, and for the Oligarchy

Practically every GOPer in the land, or in office who has a strong voice and money-backed say-so, and who can shout the loudest and tell us their aim and goal, it would be this: To get the DEMS out of office so that they, the GOP, can put things in order and get us all fixed up.

For anyone outside of DC who pays close attention probably has already figured this out. For those not paying attention, maybe this will help focus your views about the GOP's aim:

• To have few, if any Corporate taxes.

• Handing Social Security over to Wall Street brokers by privatizing it.

• Ending Medicare by making it a voucher program.

• Eliminating Medicaid health care for the poor.

• Totally doing away with Unions that have teachers and public employees as members (i.e., Wisconsin model).

• Dismantling from top to bottom things like EDUC, HHS, EPA, ENERGY, JUSTICE, COMMERCE, AG, INTERIOR, TREASURY and give the duties and responsibilities to private contractors.

Or something along those lines. The end result would be an Oligarchy. But in that case, it would be a power structure in the hands and under the control of the top wealthiest in the country, or with giant Corporations, and all backed up by an ultra-big and more-massive military establishment. All of it would be controlled and overseen (not really overseen, I said that to be corny) by the GOP-in-Charge.

A lot of what we have seen since January 20, 2009; the day Mr. Obama was sworn into office has been carefully planned. The 2010 election proves that point and it clearly shows what they are capable of should they gain majorities in Congress or the White House.

I believe that the GOP has overreached the public trust and confidence. In many cases at the state level they have totally lost the people entirely with many recall elections on tap and anger far worse than that we saw from the so-called TEA "party."

What is brewing under the surface is not pretty. It portends of a far worse agenda if the GOP does in fact take the White House next year, regain the Senate, and keep their House majority.

Are people paying attention? Is anyone except pundits like me who are concerned and worried about that prospect taking steps or action? Will the voters react against them? Who knows for sure. However with the GOP moves at the state levels to make to harder to vote seems to reinforces their tactics -- that should concern everyone.

Stay in touch -- but more importantly, take action anyway you can that is non-violent.

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