Saturday, June 11, 2011

GOP Dream Come True: First, Medicare, then Social Secuirty

Medicare: Vouchers instead. Social Security: Give it to Wall Street

This blogger told you so, and now, the GOP has struck again ... This time with their long sought after gem. The mission they have been pursuing since 1936: To Privatize Social Security. I have to say in all honesty, they are insane, utterly mad.

The GOP-controlled House has introduced a bill to privatize Social Security (not yet numbered). But, it has a title, and now get this: S. A. F. E. Account Bill (literally opt out bill).

This move of course follows the recent GOP buy one, get one free scheme regarding Medicare (vouchers instead) — the so-called Ryan plan to "save Medicare." They sure have a funny or ironic way of showing their concern about "saving" anything, don't they?

They may have just signed their death warrants ...

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