Thursday, June 30, 2011

Corporations: Come to Wyoming and Hide With Us

Official Wyoming Welcome Ad: For Those Who Want to or Need to Hide "Corporate" Money

(click link for 17-minute clip regarding this story - it's a keeper)

What is Corporate money? First, the above definition kinda spells it out (at least in Wyoming). I like the words "... used a decoy of fall guy." Remember that house in Cheyenne — the one not far from the Capital — the one with over 2,000 listed mailboxes used as "Corporate HQ" center — yeah that little house on the prairie.

One worker, 2,000 mailboxes, and who knows what else is shown in this great clip from the Rachel Maddow Show in part: "Wyoming doesn't have any Corporate income tax" so, the message is: Come hide with us.

It's a place that only the GOP could love as they bash Mr. Obama about his Corporate Jet vs. the Middle Class (re: tax cuts or tax breaks) remarks during his recent press conference. The GOP, always a defender of the top rung, say dropping that Corporate break is only a drop in the proverbial bucket — a mere $2-$3 billion in savings if that bennie were taken away. But as Maddow points out: they don't have any qualms about:

* Cutting $868 million from WIC (for women and infant children)

* Whacking $7 million from the Smithsonian

* Trimming $51 million from the National Park Service

* Eliminating $899 million from the Renewable Energy Program


* Knifing $2 billion from the Jobs Program

Now that's real savings, but who is the target? Not big oil or not anyone else who are sitting on huge profits, out of sight CEO bonuses and salaries, off-shore hideouts and not this scam in Wyoming (yes, it is a scam), just old Mom and Pop, the kids, seniors, you and I who make up the middle class. And, the GOP has the unmitigated gall to blame the DEMS for "class warfare."

Shame on them.

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