Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All You Need to Know About 2012 Hypocrisy

One of the best 16-minute clips you will ever see — assumes you believe what you see.

I know, I know, a lot of people do not like MSNBC, NBC, or the Maddow Show no matter what is presented or how it is presented. In all fairness, however, Rachel Maddow's investigative skills and presentation of the facts relating to what she finds cannot be disputed on many topics.

For your viewing pleasure you did not catch her latest show [click here] it is a great run down on the shear and utter hypocrisy of the GOP leading up to next year's election. The show deals with many issues that were based on GOP ideas, and in some cases, contained their own proposals and recommendations. Some even got their votes in the past (debt limit for example). But, now since Mr. Obama has picked up on their lead, the GOP is backing down like they never even heard of any of those things and they are digging in for a long fight or worse disaster than 2008.

This is a very excellent presentation of the facts about "Pay-go, Cap and Trade, Deficit Reduction, Individual Mandate for Health Care, and Raising the Federal Debt Ceiling," etc. For example the GOP in the past under former President Bush, voted some 19 times to raise the debt limit without blinking an eye. Now, however, they treat the subject like nuclear waste — they won't touch it under Mr. Obama. They helped make the mess, but they won't pitch in help clean it up.

Enjoy — it's an eyeopener.

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