Friday, May 6, 2011

Women of America: Your 2012 Campaign Poster

A picture that is worth more than 1,000 words, for sure!!

I love this sign. The story (click here) and the credit for the sign goes to and their writer Amanda Marcotte.

Lest, We Forget: This brand new GOP now in charge of the House, and after their big win last November when they promised that they would create jobs, jobs, jobs and build a stronger economy if they were given back the reins of power after they lost in 2006, have done everything except create jobs and solve our economic woes.

They did get back the reins of power and boy are they choking us with those reins. They have strayed way off course from day one, and all women in America are worse off.

Every action this bunch has taken has been a direct and frontal assault on all women and their health care - no matter what one's views on abortion may be, their actions have been harsh and raw and constant.

Continue with this fine story at the link. It is worth your time. And, keep the sign's message in mind all next year.

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