Saturday, May 7, 2011

New GOP: Phoney, Hypocritcal, Overbearing, and Intrusive

Florida: Standing for "smaller, less-taxing, less-regulated, and better government, right???"

Okee, dokee, then. Let's examine the latest from the Sunshine, or should I say, Sundown State?

Background: We all know how harsh Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and a few other GOP-governed states have become, or are trying to become with their promises of jobs and fixing budgets, erasing deficits, and such. However, all the while they attack unions, teachers, low-income families, seniors, the needy, and women (with harsh health care proposals).

Now, Florida takes the cake in the area of hypocrisy with three new bills highlighted in the chart above and about to be signed into law. (Thanks goes out to Rachel Maddow who presented this information on her recent show in this video clip seen here (about 7 minutes).

These three bills show the focus of the TEA-mad hatter-driven "new" GOP. They completely out of control and bent on changing the face of the country one state and silly social rule at a time. What makes it all so hypocritical is that they profess to stand for less intrusive, smaller, and less-taxing government.

As the video points out, Gov. Rick Scott in FL wants all pregnant women who even think about an abortion will be "forced to get a mandatory ultrasound" test whether they need it or not, or whether their doctor recommends it or not. (Less intrusive government, right)?

People in FL who need temporary state aid or assistance will have to undergo a mandatory drug test whether they are suspected for drug use, or not, and worst of all: they will be forced to pay for the test themselves. (Less mandated government, right)?

The last issue: controlling baggy pant length/rules for schools kids. This item needs only one footnote: Stupid and laughable. (Fewer rules and less government, right)?

The "new" GOP: bent on changing America, one asinine socially-controlled rule at a time. A funny thing (not a ha-ha funny thing), but a funny thing nevertheless is that most "conservatives" will salute and obey these kinds of rules when the GOP instills them, but they raise holy hell when DEMS do - how ironic it that? All the while, professing smaller, less-intrusive government! How bizarre is that?

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