Friday, April 8, 2011

New College Grading System in Arizona

The story comes from Arizona (click here).

My assessment of the new grading system for AZ college students:

A = automatic.

B = banana clip.

C = cartridge belt.

D = draw and shoot.

E = empty.

F = failure is an option.

Inc =(not Incomplete), now Incoherent.

W = WIA - Wounded in Arizona.

Further, I cannot tell you how insane this is ... imagine a disgruntled student who just broke up with his girlfriend showing up in class and buddies start to heckle him. Or how about a student who is hung over from the night before, or a student pissed at the professor about a recent C-grade, or a student who is high on drugs who shows up for class. Imagine the firepower?

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