Sunday, April 10, 2011

Education in America: On the ropes...

Cartoon Credit: Mike Keefe - the Denver POST (4-6-2011)

With the sustained attacks by the congressional GOP and GOP-run states on teachers and their Unions, as well as a good number of other Unions (e.g., public employees) amount to attacks on the very fabric of the country: the middle-class workers. It is reaching a critical tipping point in my view.

From time-to-time a political cartoon will catch that moment in a very succinct way. Mike Keefe at the Denver POST captures that moment in his cartoon.

We can and we must get out of this fiscal and economic mess; that is for sure. But, the GOP's method and road map is totally off track.

Great nations do not back down when pressed against the ropes or waiting to solve the next challenge or the next fight. We have not in the past, and must not now. To do so, would erase our greatness. That must never happen.

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