Wednesday, April 13, 2011

America: Chuck it away; no longer needed, or desired??

America: Give up and throw it all away, or do what ???

From Mr. Obama's economic address today (April 13, 2011) -- the parts I like and took away:

One view, that most of the GOP holds says:

* "We can't afford to be Americans any longer."

* "We must fundamentally change the way we live to solve our economic problems."

* "We don't want to look back and see what caused this mess."

We are arguing about taking a meat axe to only 12% of our total spending as if they were the main cause -- they are not.

The best statement that should stick with anyone concerned about giving more tax breaks to the top 1-3 percent at the expense of all others is this from Mr. Obama: "I don't want 33 seniors to have to pay $6,000 more in health care in order for me or others like me to get a $200,000 tax cut."

Waiting for and hearing the GOP response will be enlightening ... to say the least.

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