Friday, January 16, 2009

"Hey, it's your money ..."

Story from this site [click here]

Meat of the story are these finer points:

1. Never has the country spent so much taxpayer money, so quickly, with so little disclosure.

2. Obscurity and lack of accountability have followed the rescue from its start.

3. The GAO (Government Accountability Office) found that the Treasury Department hadn't even issued final rules on conflicts of interest; hadn't set up communication lines with Congress; hadn't established a corporate reporting process; and hadn't fully ensured that taxpayer dough isn't financing executive pay and shareholder dividends.

4. More than $300 billion has already gone out the door.

Danz View: I heard the GOP House Minority Leader, Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) say something along the lines that, "We have to have accountability -- we need to know where the money is going and for what purpose -- we need sunlight and transparency."

SWAG: Brilliant deduction, Mr. Boehner. But, "If you in government who make the rules can't enforce the rules or even get the rules, where does that leave the public about the rules for our money?"

Just wondering?

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