Friday, September 5, 2008

"Hold the Troops: Pass the Politics..."

[Gen. David Petraeus above in file photo]

Source: LA TIMES

Subject: Concerns that widespread violence could return to Iraq - Petraeus asks for troop withdrawal slowdown

Synopsis of story by: Julian E. Barnes, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer September 5, 2008

WASHINGTON -- Army Gen. David H. Petraeus has recommended that President Bush postpone sharp troop cuts in Iraq until next year, delaying a large-scale shift of combat forces to Afghanistan and reflecting concerns that widespread violence could return to Iraq.

Under the recommendation, the current level of about 140,000 troops would remain in Iraq through the end of Bush's presidency in January. Then, a combat brigade of about 3,500 troops would be removed by February, a senior Pentagon official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the recommendation has not been made public.

Danz View: Oh, I see. So, the "enemy" however we label this week for political correctness, might be cranking back up for their own "re-surge (again)?" Um, like Cleric al-Sadr returning from Iran with fresh marching orders?

SWAG: Either Iraq is ready now or not. Waiting until after the new president is sworn in, and if it's Obama, withdrawal plans will be studied again and again and again, matters not. But, if McCain is sworn in, then we stay until the job is done, right? Right ...

BTW: Who determines such matters anyway? Apparently not the U.S. voters? They vote people in office on pledges of withdrawal, ending the war and such, and what do they get? A majority House and maybe soon a majority Senate full of wimps . . .

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