Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Stop smoking - we mean business..."

The story: NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Microsoft Corp co-founder Bill Gates pledged an additional $375 million on Wednesday to fight what they called a global tobacco epidemic.

The billionaires intend to use their money to help governments in developing countries such as India and China to implement policies and increase funding that could help reduce tobacco use, according to a joint statement.

Danz View: What irony! They can't get their own government to ban tobacco, so they plan to do the next best thing: wreck the economy that provides smokes to India and China and other nations. Get them to ban import of tobacco and shut down those tobacco imports.

Want to venture as to who imports the most tobacco around the planet? The United States.

So, it's safe to say that Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg will work to wreck this huge economy.

Good luck getting that past the Republicans who are very close to tobacco. Only an arrogant billionaire or two could plan something like this.

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