Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Drill here, under Santa Barbara, or ANWR?"

KHURAIS OIL FIELD, Saudi Arabia - The AP -- This massive oil field (photo above) is surrounded by the desolate sands of Saudi Arabia's vast eastern desert and it looks and feels like the middle of nowhere.

But what happens over the next year at Khurais, one of Saudi Arabia's last undeveloped giant oil fields, could hold the key to what drivers will pay at the pump for years to come. Under way at Khurais and two other smaller fields nearby is what Saudi Arabia calls the single largest expansion of oil production capacity in history.

Danz View: What an coincidence, dumb luck, fate, random choice, hunch, even?

I'm sure today is the first time that discovery/ possibility has been revealed, right? Of course, and my beach house in Phoenix is still for sale - real cheap. But, ANWR remains safe for generations of caribou, polar bear, muskox, volves, snow geese, and peregrine falcons that live there - shown here.

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