Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Do nothing Congress ... "

President Harry S Truman once called Congress, "The do-nothing Congress." Were he alive today that label would carry even more meaning.

WASHINGTON, June 28, 2008 — from

With Americans still reeling from this week's report that gas may cost $7 a gallon in a few years and with millions either losing their homes to foreclosure or unable to sell their homes, people are looking looking for help. Congress has gone on holiday and apparently has told the nation, "See you after July 4th."

There is nobody there but tourists, who can't understand why Congress would leave with so much undone, and this man's view summarizes the view of 3/4 of the nation:

"I can't really say I know what they do in there," said the man from Bakersfield, California, standing outside the Capitol building. "But, I know what they're not doing," he concluded.

Danz View: That is why we have elections and can make change every two years... that is term limits and we don't even have to touch the Constitution to make it happen - it's called voting the bums out.

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