Friday, June 20, 2008

"Apathy: if no one cares, there's no problem!"

The Bush TEAM is now starting to lie about oil and gas (as they blame the DEMS).

They have used a iron fist (i.e., crammed FISA retroactive immunity for telecoms down our throat) for those who helped break the law, and well ... just change the law and make it legal (like they did with torture - take the illegal and make it legal with a secret memo or two).

And, they certainly lied about Iraq and that threat.

And the public reaction? We're too scared or too apathetic or cynical to react, to speak out, or to take action that would remove the vermin; this plight on our honor.

It reminds me of the sign over a Texas Whorehouse: "We don't give a f**k for nothing."

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